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......@@ -12,3 +12,19 @@ There are four branches that contain:
- `g5_embl-ci` This is the g5_embl theme minus CI bits, like: `g5_embl/common`. This is the only branch deployed on tagging with CI.
In theory, we don't need the `g5_embl-ci` branch and extra things could be removed by the shell script, but it's a little unclear what's "code" and what's "config", and we might find we need to add/remove things from the CI process -- and we don't want to have to tinker with the shell script every time.
## How to use
This repo serves two purposes: initial installation and maintenance.
### 1. Initial installation
1. Install Grav from [](
2. Pull configuration from the branch `grav_initial_configuration`
3. Install required Grav plugins:
`bin/gpm install grav5 problems error simplesearch taxonomylist`
4. Pull initial theme from the branch `g5_embl`
### 2. Maintenance
A CI process + shell script will pull from the branch `g5_embl-ci` and overwrite protions of the `g5_embl` theme.
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