Commit 907adcf8 authored by Robin Erich Muench's avatar Robin Erich Muench


parent a77a2318
......@@ -95,10 +95,9 @@ def compute_summary(args):
'''This information is required by'''
project_name = path.basename(args.project_dir)
cov_dir = path.join(args.project_dir, 'cov')
cov_files = glob(cov_dir + '/*.cov')
# project_name = path.basename(args.project_dir)
if not cov_files:
if not args.print_commands:
stderr.write("Coverage files not found.\n")
......@@ -139,8 +138,8 @@ def split_opt(args):
# usage <> <> <geneDefinitions> <INT_NrSplits> <.outfile>
cmd = ['python',
"{}/{}".format(args.project_dir, args.project_dir),
"{}/{}".format(args.project_dir, args.project_dir),
"{}/{}".format(args.project_dir, project_name),
"{}/{}".format(args.project_dir, project_name),
path.join(args.project_dir, "bestsplits", "best_split")]
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