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paste command line instructions from SWC@CERN lesson

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......@@ -326,36 +326,50 @@ The modification that you did directly on gitlab should now be visible in your s
- change global settings
- `git config --global`
- `git config --global`
- `git config --global core.editor "nano -w"`
- `git config --global core.editor "nano -w"` (no wrapping), or use your favourite editor (without the -w flag)
- `git config --global color.ui auto`
- `ls -a` -> `.git` folder
- mention `git init` - demo this at the end of day
- `git status`
- `git log`
- edit/create a file
- edit/create a file - add "1/2 onion" to ingredients
- `git add`
- `git commit`
- (if necessary) more about commit messages
- imagine your future self as a collaborator, who won't know (remember) why you made the changes you're making
- make another change
- explain staging area; local repository
- EXERCISE -> slide
- one more change - "add salt to taste" to instructions
- `git add`
- `git reset HEAD instructions.txt`
- diagram on slide
- `git commit -m`
- mention `git commit -a` & warn about hazards of using it
- `git log`
- `git log -N`
- `git log --oneline`
- `git log --patch <filename>`
- add "* tomato ketchup" to ingredients
- `git add`
- `git commit`
- "* squeeze lime" to instructions
- `git diff`
- `git add + git diff --staged`
- `git diff --color-words`
- `git diff HEAD~2 <filename>`
- `git diff <commithash> <filename>`
- `git revert <commithash>`
- edit README and another file
- `git checkout HEAD` to revert to most recent committed state
- `git checkout HEAD <filename>` to achieve the same thing with a single file
- EXERCISE -> slide
- detached head!
- `git checkout <commithash>` (forgetting filename)
- `git checkout master` to recover from this
- `.gitignore`
- remotes
- `git remote`
- `git remote -v`
- `git push origin master`
- make a change on GitLab
- `git pull origin master`
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