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......@@ -15,12 +15,6 @@ ALEX123 (Analysis of Lipid EXperiments, for processing FTMS, MS2 and MS3 data) i
+ Install Tableau® Desktop (version 10.2 or later) to use and modify data visualization templates (file extensions .twb). **More information is available here.**
## Example dataset for high confidence lipid identification using MALDI-based FTMS and ITMS2 data
This example dataset relates to our publication: **Ellis et al. (2018, under review)**
The example dataset includes all ALEX123 software modules (executed using Java and Python), scripts for high confidence lipid identification (executed using SAS Enterprise Guide) and data visualization templates (navigated using Tableau Desktop).
Click here to download the **user guide (.pdf).**
Click here to download the **example dataset** (.zip, 93 MB).
Note that mass spectrometry data files (.RAW) should be downloaded separately from the **MetaboLight repository (MTBLS597).**
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