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# Long term mounting of `/cba/exchange` on Linux
Author: Emil Melnikov
## Protocol
1. Run `nano ~/.smbcredentials` to create the credentials file with the following contents (replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your actual username and password):
Press Ctrl-O ENTER to save the file, and then Ctrl-X to exit.
2. IMPORTANT: Run `chmod 600 ~/.smbcredentials` to secure the file.
3. Create an entry in the system mount file:
printf "//\t$HOME/localmountpoint\tcifs\tuid=$(id -u),gid=$(id -g),file_mode=0644,dir_mode=0755,users,credentials=$HOME/.smbcredentials\t0\t0\n" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab
4. Finally, run `mount ~/localmountpoint` to mount the share, or just go to your file manager and find the groupshare in the sidebar.
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