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* Like in all programming languages, variables can be used to store the results of calculations or simple values that we might need to use later.
* Variables refer to values. The values can be numbers (integer and floating point), strings or lists. You will discover soon that there are other data types as well.
* Some data types are objects, which have methods associated with them. These methods perform common tasks on the values of the objects.
* Some data types are sequences, which let us access individual elements at will.
* Sequence data types allow us to step through the values in them, but to do that we need to take some first steps towards writing real programs.
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#### _Debugging Exercise_
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The lines below have mistakes in them, which produce errors when they are run. Try to identify the problems in the code, and fix them so that they run without error.
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``` python
cake flavours = ['chocolate', 'coffee', 'carrot', 'vanilla']
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