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......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ pipeline. On the menu on the left, choose `CI/CD > Pipelines` to visualise it.
![First running pipeline](../fig/first_pipeline_running.png){: .image-with-shadow width="600px" }
Since we stopped and checked what our remote folder looked like, your pipeline may already be
![passed](../fig/passed.png){: .image-with-shadow width="20px" }. If not, just wait until it becomes so.
![passed](../fig/passed.png){: .image-with-shadow width="100px" }. If not, just wait until it becomes so.
Your first website was deployed successfully! Wonder where you can see it? Go to `Settings > Pages`. The URL of your
website is reported under `Access pages`. It should be: `https://<your user name>`.
......@@ -42,13 +42,13 @@ pages:
- public
- master
- main
{: .language-yaml }
This code requires the script to run on the environment of the latest Ruby version, installs the Jekyll gem, and builds the
site to the public path (creating the folder remotely, you should not worry about it at this point).
The result affects only the master branch.
The result affects only the main branch.
The execution of this pipeline also requires a `Gemfile`. Create it in the root folder with the following content:
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