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title: Plotting Data
title: Data Visualization
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# A Primer on Data visualization
In the modern day of technology, data visualization is all around us in many forms.
This discipline combines design, communication and creativity to convey a message through pictures.
> *A picture is worth a thousand words* - Fred R. Barnard
This quote transpires how powerful and impactful a picture can be.
In data science, these pictures or images are often referred to as *charts* or, more broadly, *plots*.
A well crafted image, such a [graphical abstract][graphical-abstract],
can summarize an entire work of several pages in a few square centimeters.
> *Where there is great power there is great responsibility* - Winston Churchill
As much as an image can be used for information, it can be used for misinformation.
Automatic behavior, formatting mistakes or deliberate manipulation,
can lead to misleading messages by displaying data in erroneous or unclear ways.
There are many pitfalls to data visualization, far too many to cover in this small primer.
If you would like to have a better overview and avoid them on your own images,
the book [Fundamentals of Data Visualization by Claus O. Wilke][fundamentals-dataviz]
is an excellent resource and is freely available online.
# Plotting in Python
The words *plotting* and *plot* have their origin in [plotters](,
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