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fix gapminder dataset paths

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......@@ -639,13 +639,13 @@ it is possible to plot data in a pandas `DataFrame` or `Series`
directly from the object itself.
By default, pandas uses Matplotlib to create these plots.
To demonstrate this, we will borrow a dataset
To demonstrate this, we will borrow [a dataset](../data/gapminder_all.csv)
prepared by [Software Carpentry][swc-gapminder-data]
containing data on GDP and population size from [Gapminder][gapminder].
import pandas as pd
gapminder = pd.read_csv('../data/gapminder_all.csv', index_col='country')
gapminder = pd.read_csv('data/gapminder_all.csv', index_col='country')
{: .language-python }
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