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......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ Other plotting frameworks include:
* [`altair`][altair-home] - a Python interface to the popular [vega-lite][vega-lite] JavaScript framework
* [`plotly`][plotly-home] - a versatile, interactive library by the company with the same name
* [`plotnine`][plotnine-home] - [`ggplot`][ggplot] for Python
* [`folium`][folium] - a toolkit for handling topographical data
## Getting Started with `matplotlib`
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# Where to go from here
## The matplotlib gallery
## stackoverflow
## The Matplotlib Gallery
The [gallery of plots](matplotlib-gallery) is one of the most useful resources in the
overwhelmingly large `matplotlib` documentation (the [complete documentation PDF]( is a whooping 2767 pages long!!!).
The gallery provides an excellent reference for examples and code from where one can gather
bits and pieces in order to assemble our dream plot.
You may find that the code tends ot get rather verbose the more complex the plot gets.
This is the price to pay for matplotlib's flexibility.
## Pandas documentation
For `pandas` specific guidance you will find the [pandas visualization documentation][pd-viz]
and the [pandas plotting cookbook][pd-cook-plot] the most useful.
These pages provide a `pandas` centric way of producing plots.
Although many of the functions return `matplotlib` objects, you may find that `pandas`
implemented its own convenient functions, better suited to the dataframe way of data handling.
## Stack Overflow
When the official documentation is not enough, you may find communities such as [stack overflow][stackoverflow-mpl]
extremelly helpful.
This website is also indexed by most modern search engines.
Mastering the right keywords to describe the task at hand is key to finding the best answer.
Anecdotally, this website is so great that the authors of this lesson have found themselves
searching for a solution to a problem for which the best and highest voted answer is a post
of their own authorship.
## Books and Other
Matplotlib's documentation also includes a [non-exhaustive book, video and other tutorials][matplotlib-books] section in their documentation.
Other useful resources can be found in popular online learning platforms such as
[Coursera]( and many others.
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