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Branches are deliberately lightweight in git, meaning you can very easily create (and delete) branches.
So it's generally a good idea to use different branches...
To list all existing branches, you type:::
git branch -a
To create a new branch you can type either:::
git branch NewBranch
git checkout NewBranch
or, simpler:::
git checkout -b NewBranch
.. note:: Remember you need to switch to new branches, by using ``git checkout branchname``!
Any new commit will now go into this branch, not affecting any other branch.
In order to take your changes from one branch into another, you need to merge the branches:::
git merge master
You always merge **into** the currently checked out branch. In this example we merge the branch `master` into `NewBranch`.
This will update `NewBranch` with all changes that have been committed to `master`.
Since `NewBranch` is now up to date, we can also merge back it's changes into `master`:::
git checkout master
git merge NewBranch
Finally, we can delete this branch:::
git branch -d NewBranch
.. Using centralized workflow
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