Commit 195256db authored by Toby Hodges's avatar Toby Hodges

fixed typos

parent 04ee633c
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ def main ():
#"pdfjoin --paper a4paper --no-landscape --twoside --rotateoversize false --outfile %s %s %s %s"% (pdf_joined_filename, title_pdf_filename, pdf_filename, pdf_cheatsheet_filename ), shell=True)"pdfjoin --paper a4paper -no-landscape --twoside --rotateoversize --outfile %s %s %s" % (pdf_joined_filename, title_pdf_filename, pdf_filename), shell=True)"pdfjoin --paper a4paper --no-landscape --twoside --rotateoversize false --outfile %s %s %s" % (pdf_joined_filename, title_pdf_filename, pdf_filename), shell=True)
print(pdf_joined_filename )
if os.path.isfile(pdf_joined_filename):
print("\n\nPDF file '%s' was generated...\n\n" % pdf_joined_filename)
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