Commit 83ea382d authored by Toby Hodges's avatar Toby Hodges

fixed documentclass regex sub

parent 81738b8f
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ def main ():
tex = re.sub("\\\section\{.*?\}", "", tex, flags=re.DOTALL) # Delete all sections (would be duplicate)
tex = re.sub("\\\subsection\{(\d+\. )?", "\\\chapter{", tex) # rename numbered subsections to chapters
tex = re.sub("\\\documentclass\{.*?\}", "\\\documentclass{report}", tex) # change documentclass to report
tex = re.sub("\\\documentclass\[(\d+pt)\]\{.*?\}", "\\\documentclass[\\1]{report}", tex) # change documentclass to report
tex = re.sub("\\\maketitle", "\\\\tableofcontents", tex) # include tableof
with open(tex_filename, 'w') as texfile:
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