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......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ TODO
- Enter you EMBL password.
- Ask for an interactive job on a GPU node:
- `srun -t 60:00 -N1 -n4 --mem 32G -p gpu -C "gpu=2080Ti|gpu=1080Ti" --gres=gpu:1 -W 0 --pty -E $SHELL`
- The time and memory needs to be adjusted (HOW?)
- The time and memory may need to be adjusted, see [the embl cluster wiki]( (only accessible via EMBL intranet) or the [slurm documentation]( for details.
- If the cluster is busy, it may take some time until you get the job...
- Store the IP address of the cluster node into a variable:
- `IP=$(hostname -i)`
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