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date: 2021-10-29
featured_image: "/images/2021-10-29/chaitanya-pillala-zDDdoYqQ64U-unsplash.jpg"
tags: ["Renato Alves", "Bio-IT", "mattermost", "chat", "emoji", "hapiness", "enhancer"]
title: "Bio-IT Happiness enhancer badge"
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Over the years, the [Bio-IT EMBL Chat]({{< ref "2021-01-29-mattermost-embl-chat" >}}) has seen an ever increasing list of cute and bouncy happy emoji, dancing cats, parrots, blobs and memes.
We are always delighted to see how people customize the space to feel more fun and cheerful and so, to celebrate and recognize this contribution, we have created the **Happiness enhancer** badge that will be granted to our most active *emoji* creators:
We love to see how you make this place so lively!
A big thanks and keep them smiley.
Banner image by [Chaitanya Pillala @ Unsplash](
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