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date: 2021-01-29
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title: "The Bio-IT EMBL chat"
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# Bio-IT EMBL chat
[EMBL's Bio-IT chat][embl-chat] has been initiated in 2017 to facilitate internal real-time interactions between people at EMBL, to promote group discussions and sharing of information.
As of 2021 more than 1000 users are registered with over 120 active daily. In part due to the 2020 SARS-CoV-2 pandemic situation, the platform gained particular relevance and became a central hub for communication between members of all EMBL sites.
## Sounds great! How do I to join?
If you are an active EMBL employee you can access and login with your EMBL credentials by following the instructions below.
Upon visiting [EMBL's chat landing page][embl-chat] you will be greeted with:
![EMBL mattermost login page](../../images/2021-01-29/mattermost-login.png)
and upon clicking the purple **GitLab** button you will be redirected to the login portal:
![Login happens via](../../images/2021-01-29/gitlab-login.png)
Our [Mattermost][mattermost] chat uses EMBL's [GitLab][embl-gitlab] system to validate user accounts.
You may notice the different login possibilities: **"EMBL login"**, **"EMBL SSO login"** and **"Standard login"**.
In general, we recommend you choose **"EMBL login"** and, if located at the EBI, **"EMBL SSO login"**.
## What if I'm outside EMBL? is reachable from anywhere where you have an internet connection.
## Can I use the chat from my desktop, tablet or phone?
The [EMBL Bio-IT chat][embl-chat] is powered by an open-source chat platform called [Mattermost][mattermost].
The most common way to access the chat is through a browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, ...)
but native applications also exist for [Android, iOS and all major operative systems](
As we are hosting the free open-source [community edition of Mattermost, also known as *Enterprise E0*][mattermost], push notifications on mobile apps can currently not be enabled.
## How do I invite collaborators?
For privacy and confidentially reasons we limit access to EMBL employees and collaborators with an e-visitor account.
## Who should I contact in case of issues?
[EMBL Bio-IT chat][embl-chat] is maintained by Jelle Scholtalbers and Renato Alves and support requests can be sent to
Jelle Scholtalbers and Renato Alves,
EMBL's Chat team
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