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date: 2021-10-19
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title: "Bio-IT forms & survey platform"
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Back in early 2020 the Bio-IT project took another step towards ensuring data privacy.
Coupled with learning that different groups at EMBL had multiple independent subscriptions to a broad range of survey platforms, the Bio-IT project **setup [LimeSurvey][survey] locally and gained another powerful and reliable service**.
Since then, [this platform][survey] has been used to collect feedback from **hundreds of workshop attendees**, inquire [**EMBL's Python User Group (EPUG)**]( and [**EMBL's R User Group**]( communities, and to run **several internal surveys**.
With over a year of reliable service, this platform is accessible and **open to anyone at EMBL**.
To use it simply head over to [][survey] and **login using your EMBL credentials**.
If you are not physically at EMBL, for **security reasons**, you will need to an **active VPN connection** to login to the management interface.
Failure to do so will result in:
Once logged in, you will be greeted by the familiar EMBL colors and the possiblity to create a new survey from scratch or use an existing survey as template.
You will then be able to create your surveys using a **wide range of question formats**, including:
* Text (short, long)
* Single and multiple choice options
* Drop-down selections
* Scale, ranking and multi-dimentional arrays
* [**and more, many more**](
You can customize the type of question in the **big green button in the edit question** section:
Need a survey with **questions that should only be shown when certain conditions are met**? We have your back!
The platform includes a powerful engine that allows creating **complex conditional workflows** hiding or showing individual or entire groups of questions.
Want to survey a **pre-defined list of participants**? We got you covered too.
In this case, announcement and reminder e-mails, user tokens and participation reports can be entirely managed through the platform.
What about **plots and statistics**? Hehe, you are funny!
There are multiple flavors, both **interactive**, in the survey results section, and in a **PDF report**.
Check some of them in the blog entry about the [survey we ran in the EPUG community](../2021-10-18-epug-community-discussion/).
Oh and if you are wondering what do participants see, have a look yourself at how **shiny the EMBL theme looks like**!
In short, everything you can expect from a powerful survey platform is most certainly covered.
All of these features and options do bring some complexity so take your time exploring and, if you find this platform useful, [let us know](
We love to hear when our tools are making a difference and even more when you have suggestions about them!
Banner image by [Jon Tyson @ Unsplash](
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