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date: 2020-09-10
featured_image: "images/2020-09-10/embl_git_slack.png"
featured_image: "images/2020-09-10/gitlab_slack_at_embl.png"
tags: ["Renato Alves", "Christian Arnold", "Bio-IT", "Community", "Slack", "GitLab", "Integration", "Chat"]
title: "Connecting EMBL GitLab and Slack"
title: "Connecting GitLab at EMBL and Slack"
omit_header_text: true
This quick tutorial shows you how to connect [EMBL GitLab][embl-gitlab] with a Slack workspace.
This quick tutorial shows you how to connect [GitLab at EMBL][embl-gitlab] with a Slack workspace.
This can be very useful when you want to stay informed about activities in your repository without having to check your emails all the time - in fact, you may decide to disable email notifications for the repository because Slack notifications are quicker to see, manage and act upon!
This tutorial also shows you the power of so-called [webhooks][gitlab-webhook]! Webhooks are a very powerful technique to connect different services with one another via automated notifications.
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