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date: 2022-02-08
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title: "1.000.000 posts in the Bio-IT EMBL chat"
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# Bio-IT EMBL chat reached 1M posts
[EMBL's Bio-IT chat][embl-chat], initiated in 2017 to facilitate internal real-time interactions between people at EMBL, has reached the milestone of 1.000.000 posts in the first days of February 2022.
At close to 5 years of service, and after a significant increase in adoption in the early days of the pandemic, the EMBL chat is now a very active platform with close to 600 channels and a daily exchange of over 2000 messages from over 330 active users.
As the platform richness and usefulness is made through contributions of all of you, help yourself and **join us**.
If you are an active EMBL employee you can access and login with your EMBL credentials by following [these instructions](
You will be greeted by our **Welcome Bot** that will direct you to some of the most active channels on a wide range of topics.
## Who should I contact in case of issues?
[EMBL Bio-IT chat][embl-chat] is maintained by Jelle Scholtalbers and Renato Alves and support requests can be sent to
We look forward to see many more milestones being hit.
Renato Alves and Jelle Scholtalbers,
EMBL's Chat team
Photo by [Ray Hennessy](
on [Unsplash](
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