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date: 2021-02-15
featured_image: "images/2021-01-29/embl_mattermost.png"
featured_image: "images/2021-02-15/embl_mattermost_bot.png"
tags: ["Renato Alves", "Bio-IT", "Community", "Mattermost", "Chat", "Bio-IT-Bot"]
title: "The Bio-IT EMBL chat"
title: "Welcome Bio-IT bot and Bio-IT-announce channel"
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# Welcome Bio-IT bot and Bio-IT-announce channel
Initially proposed as an EMBL's coding club collaborative programming project, the [EMBL Bio-IT chat bot][bit-bot], avidly named `BIT`, took off in 2020
and is already diligently announcing courses and workshops in the [Bio-IT-announce][bio-it-announce] channel.
......@@ -38,11 +36,11 @@ But we said *mailing list* so how do you go about using it as such?
Unfortunately Mattermost doesn't yet support the daily digest option but it's possible to receive a notification every time a new message is posted.
As the channel is currently relatively low traffic, you can enable this option by navigating to **notification preferences**.
![Bio-IT Announce channel title](../images/2021-02-15/channel_title.png)
![Bio-IT Announce channel title](../../images/2021-02-15/channel_title.png)
and setting the notification level to **For all activity**
![Bio-IT Announce channel settings](../images/2021-02-15/channel_settings.png)
![Bio-IT Announce channel settings](../../images/2021-02-15/channel_settings.png)
which will ensure you receive an email when you are not active in the chat and as soon as announcements are made.
......@@ -51,9 +49,13 @@ you can always set it back to **Global default** or **Never**.
Let us know if you are finding [`BIT`][bit-bot]'s services useful and feel free to send suggestions for new features [our way][bio-it-mail].
# Disclaimer
Chat logo by [unDraw][undraw].
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