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title: "HOWTO: Bio-IT Lunch @EMBL"
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permalink: /checklists/bioit_lunch/
parent: Checklists
tags: ["in-person", "social", "casual", "community building", "acknowledgment", "events"]
## About
Bio-IT lunches are traditionally used to introduce new community members or discuss topics that require a faster turnaround than Taskforce meetings allow.
## Before the day
- [ ] Usually run on the 4th Wednesday of every month but not a strict rule, so other days are fine
- [ ] Send an email to invite Bio-IT core support members - see also `Bio-IT internal kanban issue #11`
- [ ] Send an email to `` requesting a table (indicate **start time**, **estimated number of people** and **label on the reservation marker**)
## On the day
Usually people gather at the entrance of the EMBL Heidelberg canteen around the specified start time.
Otherwise, look for the *Bio-IT Lunch* table reservation.
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