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......@@ -7,12 +7,97 @@ Documentation of the [EMBL Bio-IT Project][bio-it-homepage].
Bio-IT was established to build and support the computational biology/bioinformatics
community at the [European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)][embl-homepage], Heidelberg, Germany.
See the site at [``][docs].
These docs provide information and practical guides about the community, the project,
and its activities.
They were originally developed by [Toby Hodges][toby-homepage]
as part of the [CSCCE Community Engagement Fellows Program][cefp-homepage] 2019 (CEFP2019).
and their activities.
The site was originally developed by [Toby Hodges][toby-homepage]
under the [Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement's][cscce]
concept of a *Community Playbook*, as part of the
[CSCCE Community Engagement Fellows Program][cefp-homepage] 2019 (CEFP2019).
## Build info
The [site][docs] is built with [Jekyll][jekyll]
and [GitLab Pages][gitlab-pages-docs],
using the [Just the Docs][just-the-docs] theme.
Pages are served via Continuous Integration on the [EMBL GitLab instance][embl-gitlab].
To build these pages locally,
clone this repository,
[install Jekyll and Bundler][jekyll-installation],
then run `bundle exec jekyll build` from the project root directory.
To view/test changes locally before pushing,
run `bundle exec jekyll serve`
point your favourite web browser to http://localhost:4000/docs/.
## Site structure & links
Pages are added to the site as [Markdown][markdown] files.
To be rendered on the site,
a page must begin with *front matter*:
title: Example # required
layout: default # required: change this to use a different layout for the page
description: "Documentation of the EMBL Bio-IT Community." # required
permalink: / # required: defines URL path to page
parent: Page Parent # optional: used to specify page under which current page should be listed in navigational structure
has_children: true # optional: used to define navigational structure for tables of content & menus
nav_order: 0 # optional: used to control the order in which pages are displayed in the navigational structure
tags: ["example"] # optional: provide one or more tags for the page, in an array. These tags will be used to help readers find pages/info relevant to their needs
Markdown files should also end with the `{% includes %}` tag,
to ensure that links are rendered correctly (see below).
In lieu of a more elegant solution,
the CI pipeline will throw an error if this tag is not found
within the last five lines of a Markdown file in the repository
(excluding `` files or those starting with `_`).
Links to external pages should be written as
[link text][link-target]
with a corresponding entry added to `_includes/` in the format:
To ensure correct link resolution,
links to other pages *within* the site should be written as
[link target]({{site.baseurl}}link/target/)
## Timestamps
There are few things more annoying than unwittingly using outdated information.
To display a "This page was last updated on YYYY-MM-DD" timestamp to a page
(with the date corresponding to the last time that specific page was modified),
add the path to the desired page(s) to `_timestamp_files.txt`.
## Contact
If you have questions about these pages,
about our community,
or about the EMBL Bio-IT Project in general,
please contact <a href=""></a>.
......@@ -56,14 +56,17 @@
title: Introduction
title: Home
layout: default
description: "Documentation of the EMBL Bio-IT Project."
description: "Documentation of the EMBL Bio-IT Community."
permalink: /
nav_order: 1
nav_order: 0
# EMBL Bio-IT Community Documentation
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