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### Sharing Data
- OwnCloud
EMBL IT Services provides access to [OwnCloud][embl-owncloud],
a file sharing system that allows EMBL members to up- and download
files, share them with others via public or private link,
and restrict access
(set a password for access, make the folder view/upload only, etc).
These OwnCloud folders can be accessed over the Internet,
or mounted to the file browser, syncing between the user's local machine
and other devices.
([See instructions on the IT Services pages.][embl-owncloud-setup]).
### Sharing Software
- GitLab (link to existing docs page)
- EMBL GitHub organisation
The Bio-IT community maintains two platforms with which members
can share their software with others:
- [EMBL GitLab][embl-gitlab]: a locally-hosted GitLab instance for managing and collaborating on software projects - see [the dedicated page on these docs]({{site.baseurl}}/coordination/platforms/gitlab/) for more details.
- The [EMBL organisation on GitHub][embl-github-org].
### Managing Projects
- GitLab (link to existing docs page)
- OpenProjects
The [EMBL GitLab][embl-gitlab] can be used to manage projects.
It is particularly well-suited to managing software projects
but the Issue tracker, discussion threads, and Markdown editor
make it useful for other projects more generally.
It lacks many of the features (e.g. Gantt charts) provided by
dedicated project management tools/platforms.
Some community members also use an [internal OpenProjects][embl-openprojects]
instance, which provides much more advanced project management features.
[Read more on the IT Services pages.][its-openprojects]
### Managing Data
- Stocks
- eLab Journal
Recent years have seen an increase in the number of tools available
to help community members manage and track their research data.
These tools include:
- [STOCKS][gbcs-stocks]: The [Genome Biology Computational Support][gbcs] team maintain this service, providing an electronic lab notebook system with modules for managing lab collections, track orders and samples, and share protocols.
- [][its-dma]: EMBL IT Services maintain the Data Management App, which can be used to track location and metadata of research data throughout the lifecycle of a project.
- [eLABJournal][elabjournal]: Some research groups at EMBL are using eLABJournal, another electronic lab notebook solution.
### Communication
- Mattermost
- Cluster user meetings
Several platforms exist for the community to communicate on technical topics:
- [][embl-chat]: a [Mattermost][mattermost] workplace chat system with Markdown support. The system allows easy sharing of code snippets, error messages, and screenshots, making it well-suited to discussion of computational topics. To allow users to focus only on the discussions most relevant to them, dedicated channels exist for many common topics, including cluster, R, Python, image analysis, etc.
- A community-wide mailing list exists for announcements relevant to all members
- Bio-IT also hosts occasional interest group meetings (e.g. cluster and/or cloud computing), and seminars for in-person discussion.
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