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......@@ -74,8 +74,26 @@ IJ.setRawThreshold(inputImage, 60, 255, None)
binaryImage=ImagePlus('Binary image',Thresholder.createMask(inputImage))
<summary>MATLAB Script</summary>
function src_binarize_image()
%This function illustrates separating foreground from background using a
%fixed threshold value
threshold = 50; %example hreshold value
%Read input image
in_image = imread(['image_data' filesep 'xy_8bit__two_cells.tif']);
figure; imagesc(in_image); %display input image
%Binarized input image with the threshold value;
bin_image = uint8(in_image>= threshold);
figure; imagesc(bin_image) % display binary image
## Formative assessment
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