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Improve image ethics workshop

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# Image data integrity
#### Prerequistes
#### Prerequisites
- A computer with an image analysis software (e.g. [Fiji]( already installed.
- Basic knowledge of how to use above software, e.g.
- open and save images
- change image display settings
- subtract a value from every pixel in the image
- subtract a value from every pixel in an image
- Please download the training [material](
- Make sure you can access to this [document](
- Please make sure you can access to this [document](
#### Duration
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## Image data integrity concept map
## Image data integrity
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### Motivation
Sometimes it can be necessary to resave your images in a different format.
Sometimes it can be necessary to save your images in a different formats.
It needs some training to know how to do this properly.
What could be good reasons to resave your data in a different format (multiple answers)?
A. I want to share my scientific findings on twitter, thus I need to convert an image to a twitter compatible format.
B. I want to import images in PowerPoint, only some formats will work.
C. I need to save disk space, thus I need to find a format that makes the images smaller.
D. I want to use a special software that only accepts certain image data formats.
E. The journal I want to publish in, only accepts certain image formats.
F. I want to have everything in Tiff format, because this is the standard.
G. My boss says that (s)he cannot open .lif (Leica) or .czi (Zeiss) images, thus I should save them in a different format.
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