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# Teaching
## Teaching
## Teaching principles
There are three important aspects to teaching:
1. Teach general principles (concepts) of how things work
1. Explain general principles (concepts) of how things work
2. Teach methods of how to practically do things
3. Answer student's questions
The philosophy of this training material is to put a specific emphasis on the first part, i.e. teaching the concept of image analysis. The first part is about concepts that are taught in books about image analysis such as the one by [Gonzalez & Woods](
To really understand concepts one needs to apply them. Thus there also is the second part where concrete methods are taught of how to perfom image analysis. The difficulty with teaching methods is that there exist many implementations and it is not clear which one should teach as they all have their own advantages. For this training material, we decided to collect teaching material for different implementations, which can be selected via a drop-down menu.
The teachers may choose which of those they want to teach to their students.
Even with the best teaching material things are typically not immediately clear and thus answering questions is an essential aspect to clear confusion. This is why there also is an emphasis on the third part, which is answering questions. Thus, this training material is meant to be taught be a teachers that are (ideally physically) in a room with the students such that they can directly help and answer questions. (This is in contrast to self-study teaching material where this possibility does not exist, or only with a delay).
## Teaching objectives
This material can be used in different ways.
1. One can use this material as a reference to review specific aspects of image analysis, both conceputally as well as regarding specific implementations in different software enviornments.
2. One can
## Teaching methods
### Concept maps
### Activities (Exercises)
### White-boards
- Try to frequently use white-board, because:
......@@ -20,10 +43,11 @@ There are three important aspects to teaching:
- One for tidy concept maps.
- One for messy notes.
### Stand
### Teacher's posture
- Try not to sit, because:
Try to teach standing, because:
- Teaching will be more dynamic.
- People can see and hear you better.
- Construct something to have your computer up, such that you can stand in front of it.
To achieve this you may have to construct something to have your computer high enough, such that you can stand in front of it.
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