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This project is intended to collect together various resources that can be useful
when planning/delivering training in image analysis.
Current structure:
Detailed guidance for contributing can be found in [``](
- `concept_maps/`: intended to contain SVGs/PDFs of concept maps covering core concepts in image analysis
- `before_after/`: intended to contain small "before/after" images to illustrate the effect of various actions being taught e.g. thresholding, smoothing, etc
- `exercises/`: intended to contain directories of markdown files with exercises relating to each mapped concept (subdirectories named according to related concept map)
## Repository
Current repository structure:
- `_includes/`: among other things, contains folders holding activities and exercises specific to different platforms for image analysis, for each module
- `_layouts/`, `_sass/`, `Gemfile`, `_config.yml`, `.gitlab-ci.yml`: material for building the webpages associated with this repository
- `figures/`: a collection of illustrations/diagrams used to help explain the concepts in each module.
- `image_data/`: image files used in activities and exercises
- `modules/`: all of the individual module pages are collected here
- `src/`: code for image analysis
- `workshops/`: information on workshops taught using this material
- ``: intended to contain links to images that would make good examples when teaching
- ``: content for the website landing page
## Website
Please visit the repositorie's [website](
Please visit the repository's [website](
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