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# Guidelines for Contributing

Contributions to this project are very welcome. 
Changes should be submitted by merge request from a new branch to `master`.
Merge requests should be reviewed by at least one Maintainer before merging.

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See `` for information on the structure of the repository.

## Step by step guide

To contribute to this project, please follow those steps:

1. Clone this repository: `git clone`
1. On your computer, make a new branch. For example, if you would like to contribute python code to the module you may: `git checkout -b pythonBinarization`
1. Now add your changes on your computer (staying in this branch).
1. When you are done, please `git add .; git commit -m "some message"`
1. Now you can upload your branch to the online repository by typing: `git push --set-upstream origin pythonBinarization`. 
1. Go to the online repository on gitlab:
1. On gitlab, there will now be button at the top of the page. Click this button to stage a "merge request" of your contribution (in your branch) to the master branch. There will also a possibility to assign a project maintainer to review your contribution and to merge it. Please select someone appropriate here.
1. Thank you for your contribution!