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motivation: >
Very often, one wants to detect objects or specific regions in images. Typically, the first step to achieve this aim is to distinguish so-called background pixels, which do not contain objects or interesting regions, from foreground pixels, which mark the areas of interest. The foreground regions can than be further processed, e.g to detect objects or perform measurements.
concept_map: >
graph TD
graph TD
PV("Pixel values") --> BA(Binarization algorithm)
BA --> BPV("Binarized pixel values")
BPV --> BG("Background (0)")
title: Pixels
title: Image pixels
layout: page
......@@ -50,8 +50,6 @@ Answer below questions:
* Given a voxel spacing of (100 nm, 100 nm, 300 nm), what is the distance between the voxels at indices [10, 5, 11] and [2, 20, 13]?
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