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* Check where the lowest pixel indices are in the displayed image:
* Most commonly: Upper left corner, which is different to conventional coordinate systems.
### Activity: Explore image calibration
## Activity: Explore image calibration
* Open image: xyz_8bit_calibrated_anisotropic__mri_head.tif
* Check the calibration of this image
......@@ -44,12 +44,6 @@ True or false?
* The lowest pixel index of a 2D image always is `[1,1]`.
* When looking at a 2D image, the lowest pixel indices are always in the lower left corner.
### Formative assessment
Answer below questions:
* Given a voxel spacing of (100 nm, 100 nm, 300 nm), what is the distance between the voxels at indices [10, 5, 11] and [2, 20, 13]?
## Learn next
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