Commit 47b6e98c authored by Dominik Kutra's avatar Dominik Kutra

add debug output, conda init

parent 72343d37
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......@@ -6,12 +6,19 @@ variables:
- conda update -y -c conda-forge -c defaults conda
- conda init bash
- source /root/.bashrc
- conda env create -n ${TEST_ENV_NAME} --file environment.yml
- conda install -c conda-forge -c defaults -n ${TEST_ENV_NAME} jupyter
- conda activate ${TEST_ENV_NAME}
- conda list
- which python
stage: test
- conda activate ${TEST_ENV_NAME}
- which python
- conda list
- echo ${PATH}
- jupyter nbconvert --to notebook --ExecutePreprocessor.kernel_name=python3 --execute image-analysis-session/*.ipynb
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