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image: ruby:latest
- gem install bundler
- bundle install
- bundle exec jekyll build -d public
- public
- main
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source ""
gem "jekyll"
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# GitLab template - Jekyll
This template was developed by [Bio-IT community]( under the [Open Software License](/
For a full introduction on how to use and customise these templates, check
[this lesson](
**Pushing** this project to its remote repository triggers a **pipeline** to generate a static website from the
**Markdown** files in the main folder, converted to HTML in `public`.
These instructions are specified in the `.gitlab-ci.yml` file.
Learn more about [GitLab Pages]( by consulting the official
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description: This project develops training materials for reseachers wanting to learn to build project
websites in GitLab Pages.
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title: My first Jekyll page
# Building Websites with Jekyll and GitLab
## Description
{{ site.description }}
Welcome to {{ page.title }}
Have any questions about what we do? [We'd love to hear from you!](mailto:{{ }})
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title: About
permalink: /about/
# About
## Project
{{ site.description }}
## Funders
We gratefully acknowledge funding from the XYZ Founding Council, under grant number 'abc'.
## Cite us
You can cite the project as:
> *The Carpentries 2019 Annual Report. Zenodo.*
## Contact us
- Email: [{{ }}](mailto:{{ }})
- Twitter: [@thecarpentries](
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