Commit 304ba45a authored by Charles Girardot's avatar Charles Girardot

made code more robust

parent 055e7ce6
......@@ -87,25 +87,22 @@ public class BaseTesterForJemultiplexer {
* only gets the part added by jemultiplexer :
* -takes the string after the space
* - clip off the "1:N:0:" part of it
* only gets the part added by jemultiplexer ie the string following the "1:N:0:".
* What precedes is used as read id
* @param fastq
* @return a map keyed by the part left to the space of the header
* @return a map keyed by the part left to the "1:N:0:" of the header and valued with the rigth part
protected Map<String, String> fetchBarcodesInHeader(File fastq) {
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\d\\:N\\:0\\:(.+)$");
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("^(.+)\\d\\:N\\:0\\:(.+)$");
FastqReader fqr = new FastqReader(fastq);
Iterator<FastqRecord> it = fqr.iterator();
Map<String, String> m = new HashMap<String, String>();
FastqRecord r =;
String [] tokens = r.getReadHeader().split("\\s+");
log.debug(tokens[0] +" " +tokens[1]);
Matcher matcher = p.matcher(tokens[1]);
Matcher matcher = p.matcher(r.getReadHeader());
return m;
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