Commit 5b42ebe6 authored by Christian Arnold's avatar Christian Arnold
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Fix for Bitbucket Issue #16

parent 81b996cb
......@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ read_tidyverse_wrapper <- function(file, type = "tsv", ncolExpected = NULL, ...
assertSubset(type, c("csv", "csv2", "tsv", "delim"))
start = Sys.time()"Reading file ", file))" Reading file ", file))
if (type == "tsv") {
......@@ -1463,6 +1463,16 @@ correlateATAC_RNA <- function(countsRNA, countsATAC, HOCOMOCO_mapping, corMethod
sort.cor.m = cor.m[,names(sort(colMeans(cor.m)))]
# Change the column names from ENSEMBL ID to TF names.
# Reorder to make sure the order is the same. Due to the duplication ID issue, the number of columns may increase after the column selection
colnamesIntegrity = as.character(HOCOMOCO_mapping.exp$ENSEMBL) %in% colnames(sort.cor.m)
if (!all(colnamesIntegrity)) {
missing = which(!colnamesIntegrity)
message = paste0(length(missing), " ENSEMBL ID(s) missing in the correlation matrix (", paste0(missing, collapse = ","), "). This should not happen, please report it to the Bitbucket Issue Tracker. To avoid downstream errors, subset the TFs accordingly.")
checkAndLogWarningsAndErrors(NULL, message, isWarning = TRUE)
# Subset to those that overlap with the columns
HOCOMOCO_mapping.exp = dplyr::filter(HOCOMOCO_mapping.exp, ENSEMBL %in% colnames(sort.cor.m))
sort.cor.m = sort.cor.m[,as.character(HOCOMOCO_mapping.exp$ENSEMBL)]
colnames(sort.cor.m) = as.character(HOCOMOCO_mapping.exp$HOCOID)
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