Commit 090e353a authored by Jakob Wirbel's avatar Jakob Wirbel
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fix error in summarize.features (taxa names did not match between tax table and feature table).

parent 223215ea
......@@ -88,17 +88,18 @@ summarize.features <- function(siamcat, level = "g__",
warning(paste0("Tax_table slot is empty! Will try to infer the tax",
" table from the feature names"))
# make sure that seperating characters are dots
rownames(feat) <- make.names(rownames(feat))
taxa.names <- make.names(rownames(feat))
# checks and balances
# check that all feature names are on the same taxonomic Level
# check that desired level is in the names
tax.table <- str_split(rownames(feat),
tax.table <- str_split(taxa.names,
simplify = TRUE)[,-1]
colnames(tax.table) <- str_extract_all(rownames(feat)[1],
colnames(tax.table) <- str_extract_all(taxa.names[1],
rownames(tax.table) <- rownames(feat)
tax_table(physeq(siamcat)) <- tax.table
} else {
tax.table <- tax_table(physeq(siamcat))
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