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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ suppressMessages(library('methods'))
option_list = list(
make_option('--feat_in', type='character', help='Input file containing features'),
make_option('--mlr_models_list', type='character', help='Input RData file containing the trained models'),
make_option('--label_in', type='character', default='NULL', help='Input file containing labels'),
make_option('--label_in', type='character', help='Input file containing labels'),
make_option('--test_sets', type='character', default='NULL', help='Input file specifying which examples to use for testing'),
make_option('--pred', type='character', default="pred.tsv", help='Output file to which predictions will be written')
......@@ -45,11 +45,7 @@ if (is.null(opt$test_sets)) {
feat <- read.features(opt$feat_in)
if (is.null(opt$label_in)) {
cat('fn.test.label not specified: skipping evaluation\n')
label <- read.labels(opt$label_in, feat)
label <- read.labels(opt$label_in, feat)
start.time <- proc.time()[1]
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