Commit 7ecdbb8e authored by Konrad Zych's avatar Konrad Zych

update to match new parameters

parent 7d6f1886
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......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ get.parameters.from.param.set <- function(param.set, method){
cost <- 10^seq(-2,3,length=6+5+10)
ntree <- c(100,1000)
sqrt.mdim <- sqrt(nrow(data))
mtry <- c(round(sqrt.mdim/2), round(sqrt.mdim), round(sqrt.mdim*2)
mtry <- c(round(sqrt.mdim/2), round(sqrt.mdim), round(sqrt.mdim*2))
alpha <- c(0,1)
parameters<- NULL
if(method == "lasso_ll"){
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