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......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ DEBUG.CHECKS <- FALSE # performs additional checks (asserting tha
make_option('--sel_criterion', type='character', default='auc', help='Evaluation criterion for model selection (options: \'acc\',
\'auc\', \'auprc\', \'f1\')'),
make_option('--min_nonzero_coeff', type='integer', default=1, help='Minimum number of non-zero coefficients required for a model
to be considered in model selection')
to be considered in model selection'),
make_option('--param_set', type='character', default=NULL, help='a list of extra parameters for mlr run, may contain: cost - for lasso_ll and ridge_ll;
alpha for enet and ntree, mtry for RandomForrest')
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