Commit 42c44da3 authored by Bernd Klaus's avatar Bernd Klaus

added R script to install all packages

parent 5a1a1d49
stat_pkgs <- c("readxl", "scran", "BiocStyle", "knitr", "MASS", "RColorBrewer",
"stringr", "pheatmap", "matrixStats", "purrr", "readr", "factoextra",
"magrittr", "entropy", "forcats", "forcats", "readxl", "DESeq2", "broom",
"locfit", "recount", "psych", "vsn", "matrixStats", "pheatmap", "tidyverse",
"Rtsne", "devtools", "readxl", "BiocStyle", "knitr", "tidyverse", "RColorBrewer",
"stringr", "pheatmap", "matrixStats", "purrr", "fdrtool", "readr", "gtools",
"factoextra", "magrittr", "entropy", "forcats", "plotly", "corrplot", "car", "forcats",
"openxlsx", "readxl", "limma","Single.mTEC.Transcriptomes")
\ No newline at end of file
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