Commit 249a86bd authored by Bernd Klaus's avatar Bernd Klaus

finished var transform section, now on to dim reduction and clustering

parent efda91cc
......@@ -304,7 +304,13 @@ counts_norm_crc_mat <- select(counts_crc_tidy, sample_id, ensembl_id, count_norm
meanSdPlot(counts_norm_crc_mat)$gg +
ylim(c(0, 10))
ylim(c(0, 2000))
## ----varStabCountData----------------------------------------------------
counts_norm_trans_crc <- varianceStabilizingTransformation(counts_crc)
meanSdPlot(counts_norm_trans_crc)$gg +
ylim(c(0, 5))
## ----session_info, cache = FALSE-----------------------------------------
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This diff is collapsed.
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