Commit 82cacf79 authored by Bernd Klaus's avatar Bernd Klaus
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added packages to be installed

parent 4ab56964
tidyverse <- c("BiocStyle", "Biobase", "rmarkdown", "tidyverse", "openxlsx", "psych", "stringr",
"xkcd", "showtext", "sysfonts", "Hiiragi2013", "knitr", "RColorBrewer", "stringr",
"matrixStats", "cowplot", "beeswarm", "ggbeeswarm", "mouse4302.db", "Hmisc", "gridExtra",
"plotly", "extrafont", "sysfonts", "showtext", "ggthemes", "magrittr", "readr", "purrr",
"factoextra", "knitr", "rmarkdown", "TeachingDemos", "openxlsx", "multtest", "Biobase",
"tidyverse", "cowplot")
biocLite(unique(tidyverse ))
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