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## Mind your image acquisition modalities
Changing your image acquisition modalities (e.g. changing magnification) will almost certainly cause your image analysis to fail.
Thus, keep good track of for which input data your analysis pipeline was made for. For example, below file and folder structure is useful:
Thus, you must know for which input data your analysis pipeline was made. To ensure this, it is strongly
recommended to keep your analysis_pipeline_file together with other important information as shown below:
- analysis_folder
- analysis_pipeline_file
- acquisition_settings_text_file
- example_data_input_folder
- negative_control_example_file
- positive_control_example_file
- example_data_results_folder
- image_acquisition_settings_text_file
- example_input_data_folder
- negative_control_example_image_file
- positive_control_example_image_file
- example_results_folder
- results_file(s)
your analysis pipelineand also keep a
## Report image analysis accuracy in talks and publications
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