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Add a *To-Do* section to `Peptides.structural_property`

parent 9eb6fd7b
......@@ -1322,7 +1322,15 @@ class Peptide(typing.Sequence[str]):
>>> ferredoxin.structural_class("Nakashima", "euclidean")
Implement the structural class prediction method from
Chou & Zhang (1995), which uses the Mahalanobis distance.
- Chou, K-C., and C-T. Zhang.
*Prediction of Protein Structural Classes*. Critical Reviews
in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Feb 1995;30:275–349.
doi:10.3109/10409239509083488. PMID:7587280.
- Chou, K-C., and C-T. Zhang.
*A Correlation-Coefficient Method to Predicting
Protein-Structural Classes from Amino Acid Compositions*.
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