Commit 893f2fae authored by Martin Larralde's avatar Martin Larralde
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Implement `__getstate__` for `Domains`, `Hit` and `TopHits`

parent 02270aa4
......@@ -96,6 +96,8 @@ cdef class Domain:
cdef class Domains:
cdef readonly Hit hit
cpdef list __getstate__(self)
cdef class EvalueParameters:
cdef object _owner
......@@ -110,6 +112,8 @@ cdef class Hit:
cdef readonly TopHits hits
cdef P7_HIT* _hit
cpdef dict __getstate__(self)
cpdef bint is_included(self)
cpdef bint is_reported(self)
cpdef bint is_new(self)
......@@ -301,6 +305,8 @@ cdef class TopHits:
cdef P7_PIPELINE _pli
cdef P7_TOPHITS* _th
cpdef dict __getstate__(self)
cdef int _threshold(self, Pipeline pipeline) nogil except 1
cdef int _sort_by_key(self) nogil except 1
cdef int _sort_by_seqidx(self) nogil except 1
......@@ -208,6 +208,7 @@ class Domain(object):
class Domains(typing.Sequence[Domain]):
hit: Hit
def __len__(self) -> int: ...
def __getstate__(self) -> typing.List[typing.Dict[str, object]]: ...
def __getitem__(self, index: int) -> Domain: ...
......@@ -246,6 +247,7 @@ class EvalueParameters:
class Hit(object):
hits: TopHits
def __getstate__(self) -> typing.Dict[str, object]: ...
def name(self) -> bytes: ...
......@@ -710,6 +712,7 @@ class TopHits(typing.Sequence[Hit]):
def __getitem__(self, index: slice) -> typing.Sequence[Hit]: ...
def __iadd__(self, other: TopHits) -> TopHits: ...
def __getstate__(self) -> typing.Dict[str, object]: ...
def Z(self) -> float: ...
......@@ -1471,6 +1471,10 @@ cdef class Domains:
raise IndexError("list index out of range")
return Domain(self.hit, <size_t> index)
cpdef list __getstate__(self):
assert self.hit is not None
return [ domain.__getstate__() for domain in self ]
......@@ -1650,6 +1654,36 @@ cdef class Hit:
self.hits = hits
self._hit = hits._th.hit[index]
cpdef dict __getstate__(self):
assert self._hit != NULL
return {
"name": None if == NULL else <bytes>,
"acc": None if self._hit.acc == NULL else <bytes> self._hit.acc,
"desc": None if self._hit.desc == NULL else <bytes> self._hit.desc,
"window_length": self._hit.window_length,
"sortkey": self._hit.sortkey,
"score": self._hit.score,
"pre_score": self._hit.pre_score,
"sum_score": self._hit.sum_score,
"lnP": self._hit.lnP,
"pre_lnP": self._hit.pre_lnP,
"sum_lnP": self._hit.sum_lnP,
"nexpected": self._hit.nexpected,
"nregions": self._hit.nregions,
"nclustered": self._hit.nclustered,
"noverlaps": self._hit.noverlaps,
"nenvelopes": self._hit.nenvelopes,
"ndom": self._hit.ndom,
"flags": self._hit.flags,
"nreported": self._hit.nreported,
"nincluded": self._hit.nincluded,
"best_domain": self._hit.best_domain,
"seqidx": self._hit.seqidx,
"subseq_start": self._hit.subseq_start,
"offset": self._hit.offset,
# --- Properties ---------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -6306,6 +6340,66 @@ cdef class TopHits:
def __add__(TopHits self, TopHits other):
return self.merge(other)
cpdef dict __getstate__(self):
assert self._th != NULL
cdef Hit hit
return {
"hits": [ hit.__getstate__() for hit in self ],
"Nalloc": self._th.Nalloc,
"N": self._th.N,
"nreported": self._th.nreported,
"nincluded": self._th.nincluded,
"is_sorted_by_sortkey": self._th.is_sorted_by_sortkey,
"is_sorted_by_seqidx": self._th.is_sorted_by_seqidx,
"pipeline": {
"by_E": self._pli.by_E,
"E": self._pli.E,
"T": self._pli.T,
"dom_by_E": self._pli.dom_by_E,
"domE": self._pli.domE,
"domT": self._pli.domT,
"use_bit_cutoffs": self._pli.use_bit_cutoffs,
"inc_by_E": self._pli.inc_by_E,
"incE": self._pli.incE,
"incT": self._pli.incT,
"incdom_by_E": self._pli.incdom_by_E,
"incdomE": self._pli.incdomE,
"incdomT": self._pli.incdomT,
"Z": self._pli.Z,
"domZ": self._pli.domZ,
"Z_setby": self._pli.Z_setby,
"domZ_setby": self._pli.domZ_setby,
"do_max": self._pli.do_max,
"F1": self._pli.F1,
"F2": self._pli.F2,
"F3": self._pli.F3,
"B1": self._pli.B1,
"B2": self._pli.B2,
"B3": self._pli.B3,
"do_biasfilter": self._pli.do_biasfilter,
"do_null2": self._pli.do_null2,
"nmodels": self._pli.nmodels,
"nseqs": self._pli.nseqs,
"nres": self._pli.nres,
"nnodes": self._pli.nnodes,
"n_past_msv": self._pli.n_past_msv,
"n_past_bias": self._pli.n_past_bias,
"n_past_vit": self._pli.n_past_vit,
"n_past_fwd": self._pli.n_past_fwd,
"n_output": self._pli.n_output,
"pos_past_msv": self._pli.pos_past_msv,
"pos_past_bias": self._pli.pos_past_bias,
"pos_past_vit": self._pli.pos_past_vit,
"pos_past_fwd": self._pli.pos_past_fwd,
"pos_output": self._pli.pos_output,
"mode": self._pli.mode,
"long_targets": self._pli.long_targets,
"strands": self._pli.strands,
"W": self._pli.W,
"block_length": self._pli.block_length
# --- Properties ---------------------------------------------------------
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