Commit c70fbe23 authored by Martin Larralde's avatar Martin Larralde
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Rewrite `Alignment` pickling with `p7_alidisplay_Serialize` and `p7_alidisplay_Deserialize`

parent cfb6debe
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# --- C imports --------------------------------------------------------------
from libc.stdint cimport uint32_t
from libc.stdint cimport uint8_t, uint32_t
from posix.types cimport off_t
from libeasel.sq cimport ESL_SQ
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ IF HMMER_IMPL == "VMX":
from libhmmer.impl_sse.p7_oprofile cimport P7_OPROFILE
from .easel cimport Alphabet, DigitalSequence, DigitalMSA, KeyHash, MSA, Randomness, VectorF
from .easel cimport Alphabet, DigitalSequence, DigitalMSA, KeyHash, MSA, Randomness, VectorF, VectorU8
cdef extern from "hmmer.h" nogil:
......@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ cdef class Alignment:
cdef readonly Domain domain
cdef P7_ALIDISPLAY* _ad
cpdef dict __getstate__(self)
cpdef object __setstate__(self, dict state)
cpdef VectorU8 __getstate__(self)
cpdef object __setstate__(self, uint8_t[::1] state)
cdef class Background:
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ cdef class Domain:
cdef P7_DOMAIN* _dom
cpdef dict __getstate__(self)
cpdef object __setstate__(self, list state)
cpdef object __setstate__(self, dict state)
cdef class Domains:
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ from .easel cimport (
......@@ -230,138 +231,37 @@ cdef class Alignment:
return buffer.getvalue().decode("ascii")
cpdef dict __getstate__(self):
assert self._ad != NULL
cpdef VectorU8 __getstate__(self):
cdef int status
cdef uint32_t n = 0
cdef uint32_t nalloc = 0
cdef uint8_t* buffer = NULL
cdef VectorU8 vec
cdef dict state
cdef ptrdiff_t ptr
cdef str attr
cdef bytearray mem = bytearray(self._ad.memsize)
cdef char[::1] view = mem
with nogil:
status = libhmmer.p7_alidisplay.p7_alidisplay_Serialize(self._ad, &buffer, &n, &nalloc)
if status != libeasel.eslOK:
raise UnexpectedError(status, "p7_alidisplay_Serialize")
# copy numerical attributes
state = {
"N": self._ad.N,
"hmmfrom": self._ad.hmmfrom,
"hmmto": self._ad.hmmto,
"M": self._ad.M,
"sqfrom": self._ad.sqfrom,
"sqto": self._ad.sqto,
"L": self._ad.L,
"memsize": self._ad.memsize,
vec = VectorU8.__new__(VectorU8)
vec._owner = None
vec._n = vec._shape[0] = nalloc
vec._data = <void*> buffer
return vec
# copy allocated memory contents
memcpy(&view[0], self._ad.mem, self._ad.memsize*sizeof(char))
state["mem"] = mem
# copy pointers to allocated memory
for attr, ptr in [
("rfline", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.rfline),
("mmline", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.mmline),
("csline", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.csline),
("model", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.model),
("mline", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.mline),
("aseq", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.aseq),
("ntseq", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.ntseq),
("ppline", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.ppline),
("hmmname", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.hmmname),
("hmmacc", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.hmmacc),
("hmmdesc", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.hmmdesc),
("sqname", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.sqname),
("sqacc", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.sqacc),
("sqdesc", <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.sqdesc),
if <void*> ptr == NULL:
state[attr] = None
assert <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.mem <= ptr <= (<ptrdiff_t> self._ad.mem + self._ad.memsize)
state[attr] = ptr - <ptrdiff_t> self._ad.mem
cpdef object __setstate__(self, uint8_t[::1] state):
cdef int status
cdef uint32_t offset = 0
return state
if self._ad == NULL: = self._ad = libhmmer.p7_alidisplay.p7_alidisplay_Create_empty()
if self._ad == NULL:
raise AllocationError("P7_ALIDISPLAY", sizeof(P7_ALIDISPLAY))
cpdef object __setstate__(self, dict state):
assert self._ad != NULL
assert len(state["mem"]) == state["memsize"]
cdef char[::1] memview = state["mem"]
# setup numeric attributes
self._ad.N = state["N"]
self._ad.hmmfrom = state["hmmfrom"]
self._ad.hmmto = state["hmmto"]
self._ad.M = state["M"]
self._ad.sqfrom = state["sqfrom"]
self._ad.sqto = state["sqto"]
self._ad.L = state["L"]
# setup string storage
self._ad.memsize = state["memsize"]
if self._ad.mem == NULL:
self._ad.mem = <char*> calloc(state["memsize"], sizeof(char))
self._ad.mem = <char*> realloc(self._ad.mem, state["memsize"]*sizeof(char))
if self._ad.mem == NULL:
raise AllocationError("char", sizeof(char), state["memsize"])
memcpy(self._ad.mem, &memview[0], state["memsize"] * sizeof(char))
# setup string pointers
if state["rfline"] is None:
self._ad.rfline = NULL
self._ad.rfline = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["rfline"]
if state["mmline"] is None:
self._ad.mmline = NULL
self._ad.mmline = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["mmline"]
if state["csline"] is None:
self._ad.csline = NULL
self._ad.csline = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["csline"]
if state["model"] is None:
self._ad.model = NULL
self._ad.model = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["model"]
if state["mline"] is None:
self._ad.mline = NULL
self._ad.mline = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["mline"]
if state["aseq"] is None:
self._ad.aseq = NULL
self._ad.aseq = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["aseq"]
if state["ntseq"] is None:
self._ad.ntseq = NULL
self._ad.ntseq = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["ntseq"]
if state["ppline"] is None:
self._ad.ppline = NULL
self._ad.ppline = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["ppline"]
if state["hmmname"] is None:
self._ad.hmmname = NULL
self._ad.hmmname = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["hmmname"]
if state["hmmacc"] is None:
self._ad.hmmacc = NULL
self._ad.hmmacc = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["hmmacc"]
if state["hmmdesc"] is None:
self._ad.hmmdesc = NULL
self._ad.hmmdesc = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["hmmdesc"]
if state["sqname"] is None:
self._ad.sqname = NULL
self._ad.sqname = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["sqname"]
if state["sqacc"] is None:
self._ad.sqacc = NULL
self._ad.sqacc = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["sqacc"]
if state["sqdesc"] is None:
self._ad.sqdesc = NULL
self._ad.sqdesc = self._ad.mem + <ptrdiff_t> state["sqdesc"]
with nogil:
status = libhmmer.p7_alidisplay.p7_alidisplay_Deserialize(&state[0], &offset, self._ad)
if status != libeasel.eslOK:
raise UnexpectedError(status, "p7_alidisplay_Deserialize")
# --- Properties ---------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -1459,7 +1359,7 @@ cdef class Domain:
return state
cpdef object __setstate__(self, list state):
cpdef object __setstate__(self, dict state):
assert self._dom != NULL
cdef float[::1] view
......@@ -1479,6 +1379,11 @@ cdef class Domain:
self._dom.is_reported = state["is_reported"]
self._dom.is_included = state["is_included"]
if != NULL:
libhmmer.p7_alidisplay.p7_alidisplay_Destroy( = libhmmer.p7_alidisplay.p7_alidisplay_Create_empty()
if == NULL:
raise AllocationError("P7_ALIDISPLAY", sizeof(P7_ALIDISPLAY))
if state["scores_per_pos"] is None:
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