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......@@ -50,6 +50,21 @@ Download the code from the project's repository and run it from a terminal:
The app is then accessible from a web browser at
Alternatively, open the file image_data_explorer.R with [RStudio]( and click the 'Run App' button.
#### Building and running as a container
Download and install [Docker]( On Windows, make sure that Docker Desktop uses the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL2). Then clone this repository.
From a terminal:
- Navigate to the directory containing the Dockerfile
- Build the container (be patient, this may take a while) with
> sudo docker build -t image-data-explorer .
- Run the app in the container with:
> sudo docker run --rm -p 5476:5476 -v /user/home/dir:/home/ide image-data-explorer
Replace /user/home/dir with the path to your user's home directory or any other directory under which the image root directory resides. This is necessary to make the image root directory accessible to the app.
The app can then be accessed from a web browser at
#### Data input
The IDE opens with the 'Input data' section with several boxes:
* **Input data file**
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