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......@@ -69,3 +69,8 @@ Clicking on a data point in the graph selects it in the data table below and ope
* **An image viewer** area next to the plot area. This is where images selected under image 1 in the data input section will appear.
Clicking on the image selects the corresponding row in the data table and highlights the corresponding point in the plot. If rows correspond to ROIs then the click position is indicated by a red dot and the data point corresponding to the closest ROI in the image is selected in both the data table and the plot.
* **A data table** area at the bottom of the screen. The data table shows the content of the uploaded data file. A tab allows switching to a second image viewer where images selected under image 2 in the data input section will appear. This second image viewer behaves like the one described above. The data table viewer uses pagination to show the data with a default of 10 rows per page which can be changed using the 'Show xx rows' button in the top left corner above the table. Clicking on a table row selects it and highlights the corresponding point in the plot. Multiple selection is possible which is why no image is shown when selecting table rows. The table is searchable globally using the 'Search' box in the top right corner above the table or by column using the boxes atop each column. Searches filter the rows to be displayed in the table. To select all the rows and highlight them in the plot, click the button labeled 'Show filtered rows in plot' above the table. To deselect all selected rows, click the 'Clear selection' button.
#### Screenshot
<img src="screenshots/image_data_explorer_v0.1.screenshot.png"/>
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