Commit 85f3b0d4 authored by Jean-Karim Heriche's avatar Jean-Karim Heriche

Removed cat()s used for debugging.

parent 73f7905b
......@@ -699,10 +699,7 @@ server <- function(input, output, session) {
observeEvent(input$annotationDone, {
## Add chosen label to selected rows
if(!is.null(rv$annotationCol)) {
cat(file=stderr(), "\n\tAnnotation col type: ", str(rv$data[,rv$annotationCol]), "\n\tselected rows:", length(rv$selectedRows),
"\n\tSelected label: ",input$selectedLabel,"\n\n")
rv$data[rv$selectedRows, rv$annotationCol] <- rep(input$selectedLabel, length(rv$selectedRows))
cat(file=stderr(), "\n\tData:\n",rv$data[rv$selectedRows, rv$annotationCol],"\n\n")
} else {
showNotification("Annotation column not defined.", type = "error")
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