Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.8
    Release v0.8

    Batch Processing menu

    • allows to fine tune the export of the results

    Summary statistics

    • time-averaged wavelet power as measure for rhythmicity
    • ensemble dynamics (period, amplitude and phase distribution over time)

    SSG update

    Synthetic signal generator UI got revamped.

  • v0.7   Major Update to keep up with manuscript.
    Release v0.7

    Has now module structure: from pyboat import WAnalyzer

    new features:

    • Amplitude envelope estimation and removal
    • COI is marked in the readout
    • live update of power in the spectrum window
    • various UI improvements
  • 0.2   Amplitudes and batch processing
    Release 0.2

    New Features

    • amplitude estimation from 'On the analytic wavelet transform', Jonathan Lilly 2010.
    • simple batch processing: only maximum ridge detection and no power thresholding