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workflow fit fye

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function master_workflow_fit_dye
% MASTER_WORKFLOW_FIT_DYE call workflow_fit_dye for several directorie
% specified in the script
% Antonio Politi, EMBL, January 2017
wd = 'Z:\AntonioP_elltier1\CelllinesImaging\MitoSysPipelines';
if ~exist(fullfile(wd, 'ProcessingHelpFiles'));
mkdir(fullfile(wd, 'ProcessingHelpFiles'));
if ~exist(fullfile(wd, 'ProcessingHelpFiles', 'alexaDirectories.mat'))
[indirCell] = getAllFolders(wd, 'Alexa');
save(fullfile(wd, 'ProcessingHelpFiles', 'alexaDirectories.mat'), 'indirCell');
load(fullfile(wd, 'ProcessingHelpFiles', 'alexaDirectories.mat'));
% output subdiretoy to store results
outputdir = 'optimisedFit';
% range to fit kappa
kappaVal = [2:0.1:7]';
for idir = 1:length(indirCell)
indir = indirCell{idir};
display(['master_workflow_fit_dye processing directory ' num2str(idir) ' ' indir])
workflow_fit_dye(indir, kappaVal, outputdir, '1c');
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